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Effectively controlling asthma and allergies requires planning, skill and patience. Dr. Cleveland can develop a

treatment plan for your individual condition. The goal will be to enable you to lead a life that is as normal and

symptom-free as possible. A visit to the office might include...

Prevention Education 

The most effective approach to treating asthma or allergies is to avoid the factors that trigger the condition in

the first place. Even when it is not possible to completely avoid allergens, an allergist can help you decrease

exposure to allergens.

Medical Prescriptions 

A number of new and effective medications are available to treat both asthma and allergies.

Allergy Shots - Immunotherapy 

In this treatment, patients are given regular injections to the allergens that cause their allergy problems.

Gradually the injections get stronger until you reach your maintenance dose. In most cases, the allergy

problems get less and less over time. This can allow patients to stop needing to take regular medications and

greatly decrease the cost of a lifetime of expense to manage allergies.

Specialist in Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology

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